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Crowdfunding, SAFE, Reg. D, Convertible Notes, PPMs, Reg. A+,  S-1, Pitch Decks, Subscription Agreements, and Any Documentation Needed if Your Company is Raising Money.

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We assist companies in raising capital. We write the first draft documentation then work hand in hand with either your legal team or ours. This saves you money as our billable rate is less than half that of most attorneys.

If you have begun writing your document we are happy to provide referrals to trusted lawyers and accounting firms to push your docs through the SEC.

Please call Robert Merrill Fletcher, ChE at 213.500.7236 for immediate answers to your questions and to determine if we are a fit.

Our working process

Here is a brief overview of our service package(s) and how we approach this relatively complex subject.

Step # 1

First let’s agree that every company has a different niche, and a different need, and a different fact pattern as to what they can do, can’t do, and desire to do as relates to raising money.

Step # 2

Next, let’s agree that there are certainly different types of money, i.e. loans, equity and combinations thereof.

Step # 3

And after that, let’s explore what a company needs to raise money, no matter what type of money is to be raised.

Types of Money:

To provide the best possible solution to the clients we work with, I am part of an Advisory Group of professionals that have access to various types of capital. Our team includes:

Overall, we will assist you in determining the right combination of funding sources so as to minimize what you have to give up for the money.

And assuming that your company can complete the proper steps and requirements as shown below, then we will introduce you to our funding sources. This means that at the same time we are helping prepare you for raising capital, we are vetting you so that we can be confident about your company when talking to our money sources.


Here are a series of examples of both Reg A+ and more traditional IPO registrations from one of the attorney groups I work with. The Xspand Reg A+ is generally considered one of the most successful Reg A+ to date.

Please keep in mind that in most cases a Reg D precedes the Reg A. We can discuss that further if you call or email.

Sample Doc: Navigator Genomics Pharmacogenomic Testing

Navigator Genomics maps the user’s DNA across 413 prescription drugs including cannabis. Drug interactions are predicted based on scientific literature AI.

Draft MOU - With Prices and Payment Schedule and Plain Talk

This MOU will tell you if we are a match. Prices and process are given and discussed.

United States Securities And Exchange Commission

Orgharvest, Inc.

United States Securities And Exchange Commission

Post Qualification Amendment

Amendment No. 1 To Form S-1

Orgharvest, Inc.

Common Elements That Every Company Must Have When Raising Money:

No matter what style, or type of money the client seeks, there are a few elements that MUST be in place.


There must be a succinct presentation about the company. This is typically referred to as a PITCH DECK. These have gotten smaller and tighter over the years as people’s attention spans have diminished and we have all gotten busier. Sometimes a simple PDF will suffice. Often a company will have “something”. Often that ‘something’ works against them not for them if it does not fit the current standards that money people expect to see.


Keep your expenses down. We are not attorneys, and our rates are much lower than theirs.


A legal document to accept the money properly is one of the most important elements that any company should have as they raise capital. A loan document is quite simple to visualize. A PPM (Private Placement Memorandum) can be used if the number of investors is small, and they are typically known to the company. Perhaps a Convertible Loan is called for. Or, if the company is really going to seek outside sources of capital (beyond warm handshakes) then we begin to discuss the intricacies of Crowdfunding, Reg D, and Reg A.


Investor Relations and Marketing the Investment is one step that most companies tend to not think about. Who is going to answer the calls and answer questions if and when interested parties come in? The founder? Is there a process to recontact leads? Is there regular communications about the company to interested parties, clients, and others? How is the investment marketed? (And what legal constraints apply).

Who is Robert Merrill Fletcher?

Robert Merrill Fletcher, ChE has over 30 years of entrepreneurial experience in raising capital, startups, business operations and sales management. He is an expert in BPM (Business Process Management) and TQM (Total Quality Management). He graduated as a Chemical Engineer from Louisiana State University and after working for Ethyl Corporation in their Chemical R&D operations, he consulted with Shell, Exxon, and numerous other global petrochemical companies on projects around the world. He has done business in mainland China, Taiwan, Malaysia, Abu Dhabi, and India and has managed virtual workforces of hundreds of people around the world. He is an avid boater and golfer and has two lovely daughters.